Westside Boogie Says His New Album Is In The “Final Stages”

Westside Boogie says his new album is almost here.

Westside Boogie says that his new album is in its “final stages,” and shared a picture of himself with Eminem from the studio, earlier this week.

“Final stages..y’all irritated I know but I love y’all,” he captioned the picture.

A release date for the new work hasn’t been set in stone, but Boogie discussed his upcoming album in an interview with HNHH back in December, saying at the time that the project was finished.

Ella Hovsepian / Getty Images

“No, this whole process has been Boogie versus Boogie. I think Everythings For Sale was so good, I just want to make sure,” Boogie said at the time. “Yeah, I’m a perfectionist. I know everybody like, over-uses that word, but I really am a perfectionist. And I won’t put it out unless I believe in it all the way, now I’m finally at a space to where I’m really focused on figuring out paperwork and stuff out now, so now I’m just trolling people at this point. But yeah album done, I’m ready to drop this one and drop another one. I’m just grateful that my fans still waited this long, cause I’d be pissed.”

Boogie released his debut album, Everythings For Sale, back in 2019 under Shady and Interscope.

Check out Boogie’s latest album update below.

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