City Girls Lament That “Twitter & The Internet World Have Got Out Of Control”

The ladies recently spoke about the negativity they receive, complaining that people don’t really hate, they just want to go viral.

Ever since they stepped onto the music scene, City Girls have been under heavy scrutiny. The Florida natives are best friends who have rose through the ranks in the Rap game over the last few years thanks to the direction of Quality Control Music, but with every release, the criticism is swift. Regardless, the pair use much of the negativity to their advantage, but as time rolls on, it seems as if there’s a new story about them getting into internet spats with strangers every week.

City Girls are the most recent cover feature for i-D magazine and inside, they chatted with the publication about no longer catering to social media users. “Man, lemme tell you something. Put this in the magazine,” said JT. “At this point, I don’t give a f*ck what nobody think. Dead ass.”

“These people gon’ make up what they gon’ make up anyway. They don’t know me,” she added. Recently, JT has gone at it with people online over her relationship with Lil Uzi Vert and battled others who said she didn’t give them enough of a shoutout on social media.

“They damn sure don’t know [Yung Miami]. So, I don’t care what they think. Twitter and the internet world have got out of control. Period. It’s out of control. People gave the internet an inch, and they done took a motherf*cking mile. People doing things for tweets, viral moments, comments. It’s not even genuine hate no more.”

Yung Miami co-signed her bestie’s sentiment. “You could give a million dollars, and they be like, ‘All you donated was a million dollars?'” she said. “You could be a f*cking perfect person in the world, and they still gon’ pick out something about you that they don’t like. At the end of the day, it’s your life. You cannot live to make other people happy.”

Check out a few images from their feature below.


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