Was Beethoven Black? Twitter Is Convinced That He Was

Twitter is convinced that Ludwig van Beethoven, the famous German composer, was Black.

You can see the darndest things trending on Twitter. For example, 6LACK found his name as part of the conversation after people finally figured out how to pronounce his name. This week, Beethoven was trending and, upon checking out the conversation, it was because people are convinced that he may have been Black.

An old theory resurfaced regarding the German composer that has quickly gained exposure on Twitter. An article from The Concordian, published by Concordia College in Minnesota, states that evidence may suggest that Beethoven’s history has been whitewashed. 

It is alleged that he was the son of a white German man and a Moorish woman, which is where these new assumptions come from.

“Beethoven was black?? Lmfao y’all ain’t gonna hear the last of this from me,” wrote somebody on Twitter, going viral. 

Because of the time he was living in, there are no documents to support the claims that Beethoven was actually Black. There exist no photographs of him or DNA that scientists can test. 

The San José State University’s Beethoven Center has addressed the theory in the past.

“The theory that he was Black is based on the fact that Beethoven’s ancestors came from the Flemish region of northern Europe that was invaded and ruled by the Spanish,” it is written in the FAQ section of the website.

There reportedly exists no other credible evidence that Beethoven was a Black man. Read some of the tweets below.


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