Royce Da 5’9″ Calls Out Terry Crews & Charles Barkley Over “Destructive” Comments”

Royce Da 5’9″ calls the comments made by Charles Barkley, Candace Owens, and Terry Crews “destructive.”

In the wake of the recent protests, there have been several comments made by prominent people in the Black community who’ve made disparaging comments that many took as going against the movement. People like Terry Crews, Candace Owens, and Charles Barkley have faced much criticism in recent times. Terry suggested there was some sort of connection between the BLM movement and what he referred to as “Black Supremacy.” Charles Barkley suggested people were overreacting to Drew Brees’ comments while Candace Owens was, well, being Candace Owens.

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“If I can somehow get to the level of a happy white person and carry myself in a way where I feel accepted by happy white people, then I achieved the American dream. That’s why n***as like Charles Barkley and fucking Terry Crews, that’s why these n***as act like that,” he told HipHopDX. When asked whether he thought whether Crews’ comments were destructive, he said, “It’s not destructive in the same way that Candace Owens is.”

He added, “It’s destructive in a way that it feeds the — See, there’s a lot of different levels to this shit. You’ve got outwardly racist white people, like the people I was just talking about, who was like, ‘Fuck you. I don’t care if you care. I don’t care if you know. Fuck you, we’re going to kill you.’ You got those guys. That’s one thread.”

Royce added that the other type of racist are the ones who discriminate behind closed doors while hoping that the fight for social progression doesn’t move forward in order to preserve their own privilege. 

“They’ll donate when it’s time. You know, Goodell, ‘Oh, but you know what? Now I’m kind of starting to see it your way.’ I bet you fucking are! I bet you are,” Royce continued.

“So, when you see that, when you see people that are only willing to view the cause and view things as problematic when they only affect them — It’s like to give that kind of behavior legs, is to feed the system. So if you’re Charles Barkley and you’re going, “Drew Brees! Man, y’all are coming down too hard on him, man. I never heard anything bad said about this guy. Y’all taking it too far!” Like, you’re feeding the problem.”

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